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  1. Derrick Rose returns to the United Center for the home opener — October 31, 2013
  2. Bulls Take Game 1 in Miami! — May 7, 2013
  3. I’d rather play the Knicks — April 26, 2012
  4. Bulls to Close Season Against the Cavs tonight. — April 26, 2012
  5. Rose Tops NBA Jersey Sales — April 26, 2012

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Oct 31

Derrick Rose returns to the United Center for the home opener

Derrick Rose finally returns to the UC for a game that counts in the books. The Bulls’ Halloween Home Opener is sure to be energetic as the much anticipated return of Derrick Rose to the court gets underway. Not to mention the Bulls and Knicks combined for 5 ejections and 16 technical fouls in their …

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May 07

Bulls Take Game 1 in Miami!

bulls win game 1 2013

  Unreal win! Bulls stunned the Heat in Miami after Lebron accepted the MVP trophy.  Some thoughts from tonight’s game. The Heat came out ugly and the Bulls practically matched their look with a plethora of first half turnovers. Even though the Heat won the 3rd quarter, the Bulls looked alive and less tentative in …

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Apr 26

I’d rather play the Knicks

Look this isn’t the Bulls team of years past where we’d like to have easier matchup so that we can advance.  This is a real championship contender and why not play the better team (assuming the NYK is currently a better team than the 76ers).  I guess I think it will be great to play …

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Apr 26

Bulls to Close Season Against the Cavs tonight.

There’s still something left to play for: a higher seed than the Spurs should both teams reach the finals. In addition, not a bad time to get 20-30 minutes for a lot of the starters. KC Johnson reporting Rose, Deng and Korver all out to rest for the playoffs.  Pretty crazy though to think theres …

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Apr 26

Rose Tops NBA Jersey Sales

Wow that didn’t take long.  Our hometown MVP is ahead of LeBron and Kobe in jersey sales. Espn writes: The league’s reigning MVP has the top-selling jersey at the NBA Store and nbastore.com since April 2011, the NBA says Thursday. Knicks guard Jeremy Lin was No. 2, despite his merchandise not even being available until his stunning …

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Apr 25

Bulls Lock up #1 Seed with Heat Loss

Well, at least the highest seed in the east. With San Antonio on a rip roaring win bender, thats a race worth playing our last 2 games for …..

Apr 13

CJ nails three to give Bulls Overtime Chance and Victory


BULLS HEAT ROUND 3 goes to the Bulls. It didn’t look possible….down in the 3rd, not playing well, Rose with 2 points, and on the last play with the Bulls down by 3, Korver was triple teamed with the ball with about 5 seconds to go. Somehow K orver found Boozer who found CJ who …

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Apr 05

Joakim Noah Dancing Behind Reporter Gail Fischer

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