Dec 15

Scottie and Dennis to highlight former players exhibition game in China

Former basketball stars of the 90s are getting together for an exhibition game dubbed US Pro-Ball Asia Tour 2011.  They are balling in Macau, the supposed equivalent of Las Vegas in China where wealthy businessmen hang out.  Would love to see the skills left in the tank of these former players, especially Scottie and Clyde the Glide. Game is this Sunday; no information on possible TV coverage yet.

Dec 15

Official: Welcome to the Bulls, Rip

Dec 14

Derrick Rose @ Media Day

Dec 14

Reason # 965 we love Derrick

Derrick remains persistent that he is not a recruiter. 

These days we have superstars conjuring up together to figure out where to play as we saw in the summer of Lebron in 2010.  That makes it all that much more refreshing to here Derrick say things like “Keith’s my guy” and not beg the management for help.  Not saying that alone makes a player selfish or unlikeable, but rather that it is simply refreshing to hear those type of words come from #1.

Shooting guard aside, really the Bulls just need Boozer and Noah to be healthy this post season and play 100%. I think that’s all the improvement this team really needs.


Dec 14

Wednesday links

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Dec 12

Dwight Howard not the right fit for Bulls

Dwight on the bulls

even the jersey doesn't look right!

Look, on the surface of things, it would be perfect. Two All-NBA first team players together ready for domination.  Adidas has a field day with alley-oop commercials every time you turn on the tube.

But there’s more to it than that. What about the chemistry?  What about the Dwight of playoffs past who has appeared uninterested at times? What about the young brewing, hard working talent that the Bulls would inevitably have to give up?  What about not seeing Joakim Noah run up and down the sidelines pumping his fist into his chest?  What about the Lebron/D Wade effect?  There are too many questions, and frankly I think we can beat the Heat without Dwight.

Don’t get me wrong, I would still root for him if he were to somehow land here.  But at this point I’d rather stick with the nucleus that got us to the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since 98.  And I’d rather Dwight stay with the Magic, as unlikely as that seems at the moment.

Sep 29

New D.Rose Commercial Spot

Sep 09

MJ in NBA 2k12

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