Aug 29

Dennis Rodman’s Hall of Fame Speech

Congrats to former Bull Dennis Rodman on making the Hall of Fame! I am so, so happy for this guy. I can’t lie, I used to hate Dennis when he was on the Pistons. Especially when he took those cheap shots on my main man Scottie. But once he became a Bull, I fell in love. How could you not love a guy who gives it his all, 110% on the court in every game. A guy who isn’t afraid to guard Shaq, or jump into the stands head first to go and get your team the basketball. It was amazing watching him play, and like he said in the speech, you could tell he played for the love of the game. I’m glad I got to witness him play on the Bulls, during those championship years.

I still can’t believe he didn’t play his first NBA game until he was 25 years old! Imagine if he came into the league at a younger age! He’d be top five all time rebounding for sure!

Anyways, I loved his speech and loved Dennis Rodman, so this was long overdue. Congrats Dennis!

Jul 13

Derrick Rose Offseason Interview

Jun 22

2011 NBA Draft Preview: MOCK DRAFT

This year’s draft has been labeled as “weak.” But lets be honest, we could be picking between 32 Darko Milicic’s and you will still read this column. Mock drafts are the best. Although there aren’t any Dwight Howard or LeBron James instant-impact #1-future-superstar-picks the draft is loaded with role players would could either immediately step in on a contender, or become apart of a rebuilding process. The Thunder didn’t get good when they drafted Kevin Durant. They won 20 games the next year. It took a few drafts, and a solid plan of building a team around Durant that let them take off. There are also a number of foreign players that could have either be complete busts or future Manu’s. So without further delay, here is DSS’s 4th annual NBA Mock Draft.
*All picks are guaranteed.

1. Cavs – Kyrie Irving
It’s a point guard’s league and this one is a no-brainer. DW is tempting, so let’s see if the Cavs swing something and snag #2, as well. RP

2. Wolves – Derrick Williams
Makes absolutely no sense on paper, which means they will either be trading Beasley shortly or trading this pick to someone. But he is getting picked in this position. SV

3. Jazz – 3 – Brandon Knight
I don’t think the Jazz trust Devin Harris. And they already have a bunch of solid, skilled big men, so they will go PG here and take Knight. Knight can create his own shot and create for others, and will give them some size in the backcourt. VC

4. Cavs – Enes Kanter
I’m not into the hype of Z’s nephew, Jonas Valanciunas, with all the concerns with his contract over in Europe. We may not know much about Enes, but at least he can come in and contribute right away. Seems like the safe play. RP

5. Raptors – Jan Vesely
From my YouTube scouting of this dude, he can actually dunk. That is rare for a true Euro. With Colangelo still running the team you know they will want to run, and this guy can get out on the break and apparently actually dunk. SV

6. Wizards – Jonas Valanciunas
The Wizards need size and a Center, so Jonas is the perfect pick for them. He’s 18 and since the Wizards are rebuilding, they might be willing to wait a year for him to get to the NBA. From watching his YouTubes and reading the information on the Draft sites, it looks like he is a very good pick and roll player. That should give the Wiz a nice little pick and roll combo with him and John Wall in Washington. VC

7. Kings – Kawhi Leonard
In a suspect draft, it wouldn’t be so bad for them to grab a potential glue guy. Solid defensive player and played for a winner in college. Hopefully some of that translates to the pros. RP

8. Pistons – Tristan Thompson
This kid could’ve used another year in college, but he came out in this “weak” draft for a reason. This is a big kid that can run like a deer. Needs work on his offensive game, but he’s a high energy guy that will fit right in with the Pistons. SV

9. Bobcats – Kemba Walker
I highly doubt he falls to 9, but if he does, look for the Bobcats to scoop him up. He will give their anemic offense a boost right away. Kemba and Henderson would make a nice backcourt, and this would allow Augustine to come off the bench and run the second unit as well. VC

10. Bucks – Alec Burks
The hope is that “Bucs”, as our fearless leader lovingly refers to him, is going to be able to put up points in the NBA. Pickings are slim in this draft, literally in the case of Bucs, as he really needs to pack on some pounds to play in our league. RP

11. Warriors – Klay Thompson
Hello Klay Thompson. Goodbye Monte Ellis. According to a few internet sources, Jerry West loves this guy. SV

12. Jazz – JIMMER!
If you are Utah, how can you not take Jimmer here? There might be riots if they don’t scoop him. He also just hung with Kemba in a workout in Utah, and his stock is rising. But if the Jazz already took Knight at 3, look for them to either trade this pick or take Chris Singleton with this pick. VC

13. Suns – Donatas Motiejunas
Just seems like a Phoenix-type dude. Finesse big man that likes to face up. Let’s be honest, nobody knows about these Euros, outside of what Chad Ford and YouTube mix-tapes tell us. RP

14. Rockets – Chris Singleton
I think the Rockets would love to draft the Jonas brother here and put him on ice for a year if available. If not, they need to upgrade their SF position. Singleton might be the best defender in this draft and has a jumper to boot. SV

15. Pacers – Marcus Morris
Look for the better of the two brothers to goto this all NCAA legends team. Morris would give them a nice core of young players that they can build around. VC

16. 76ers – Markieff Morris
It just seems right that the brothers are taken back-to-back. Plus, Philly seems like a good situation for him to come in and contribute. RP

17. Knicks – Bismack Biyombo
He has been projected a lot higher in most mock drafts, so I don’t know how the Knicks can pass him up in this scenario. They need some toughness inside as well which he could provide. SV

18. Wizards – Jordan Hamilton
Hamilton can fill it up on offense, so he’d fit in perfectly on the Wizards since they will probably be running and gunning a lot. He’s a big, strong, athletic wing, who can also shoot well. VC

19. Bobcats – Kenneth Faried
Looks like a sure-thing, as far as being an NBA player. We keep hearing that rebounding translates best of all skills. Hopefully MJ doesn’t F it up like usual. RP

20. Wolves – Marshon Brooks
Doesn’t seem like GM David Kahn really drafts based on need. He just drafts whoever he thinks is the best player available, and decides what to do with them later. I think Marshon Brooks is the best scorer left. Wes Johnson isn’t really a 2 guard. SV

21. Blazers – Tobias Harris
The kid is very versatile and would fit in really well with the Blazers. Since he is so raw, he will definitely need another year before he can make an impact. This works out perfectly for the Blazers because they have good depth at his position. VC

22. Denver – Nikola Vucevic
Can never go wrong going big at this juncture. Might get lucky. I don’t see any potential studs left, so when in doubt… RP

23. Rockets – Iman Shumpert
With Kevin Martin and Kyle Lowry in the backcourt they lack size, pause. Shumpert is a big poin guard, good defender, and has been rising up draft boards according to the internet. SV

24. Thunder – Kyle Singler
Torn between Singler and Harper from Richmond, but will go with Singler. He is experienced and can shoot, two things I feel like the Thunder are looking for. He should be able to fill in the spot left by Jeff Green. VC

25. Celtics – Norris Cole
They could use a reserve PG. Not bad value here. Plus hair is cool and my boy, Mank, loves him. RP

26. Mavericks – Justin Harper
The defending champs could either select a Euro to stash away for a few years, or take a player who could help defend their title. I see Mark Cuban being aggressive here and playing for the moment.. Harper has the kind of athleticism to play right away in the NBA. SV

27. Nets – Tyler Honeycutt
Honeycutt is an athletic and versatile wing player, and showed a lot of flashes last year. He is very young/raw, but they can afford to wait, since they aren’t very good anyways. VC

28. Bulls – Shelvin Mack
Maybe a reach compared to other mocks, but the Bulls desperately need backcourt help. Mack can provide a boost off the bench as a combo guard and more importantly as a reliable shooter alongside D-Rose in crunchtime. Proven winner and absolutely will contribute immediately. RP

29. Spurs – Jeremy Tyler
Rumors are that the Spurs are sick of Tony Parker and are willing to deal. With how they looked against the Grizzlies in the playoffs they need to start looking to the future. I think they swing for the fences with Tyler here. They have little to lose, and maybe Popovich can work his magic on the kid with lottery talent. SV

30. Bulls – Jimmy Butler
I’m torn between Butler and Selby here, but I will go with Butler because he fits the mold of the Chicago Bulls. He’s a hard working, lunch box type of guy that the Bulls love, and that Gar talked about targeting in this Draft. He might not become an All Star, but Butler is very versatile and is someone who can play in this League for a long time, and his defense is the reason why. He did a terrific job of locking down some of the best players in the country night in and night out in the Big East, including Marshon Brooks. And if you need another reason to root for this kid, check out this story about him. VC

Jun 01

Wait till next year (One more time)

Bulls will be ready for the 2012 post season

Look, we can’t be too upset.  All we know is that the Bulls will be seeing the Heat many many times over the next several years.  The best players from this series average less than 26 years of age.  There is no doubt that injuries plagued/limited Boozer and maybe even Noah in these playoffs. Rose got a lot better, but the scary thing is he can get even better.  Think about that.  The high of the season had to be game 1 of the ECF.  The UC was back and buzzing the way it did in the Jordan era.  Lets get that ring next year (and avoid the looming lockout!)

May 13

Bulls vs Heat ECF Preview

I know it’s been a while, but I had to make a comeback for this one. It’s the Bulls vs the Heat for a trip to goto the NBA Finals. Let’s just say, I wouldn’t miss this one for the world. Before I get started on my preview/prediction, real quick, let’s rewind back to the off season when Lebron, Wade, and Bosh joined forces. When that happened, the dominant thought around the League and with NBA fans was that the Heat would kill everyone and win the NBA Title pretty easily. Heck, JVG even predicted that they would break the Bulls 72-10 record too! There was only one little problem….I guess DROSE didn’t get the memo. Rose went to work in the off season and instead of complaining, he just worked harder on his own game. Rose’s hard work paid off, especially on his jumper, and in the end, it allowed him to really dominate the League.

Let’s also rewind back to when I predicted that the Bulls would win their division, finish as a top four team in the NBA, and that DROSE would go supernova on the League and be a contender for the MVP. I remember every single person I told this to laughing at me at the time, and I just have thing to say to them now…Who is laughing now playaz????

Anyways, let’s get back to the Bulls vs Heat for all the marbles. Even though I hate the Heat, you have to give credit where credit is due. They didn’t shatter the Bulls 72-10 record, because obviously it was going to take them some time to jel. It’s scary, but it’s definitely now looking like they have jelled. Especially towards the end of the season, it really looked like they came together when they made that push for the 2 seed over Boston. They are playing some amazing basketball right now. In that regard, I’d say that the Heat and Mavs are probably playing the best basketball of anyone up to now. Wade’s been DWADE, and Bosh has actually played a lot stronger as of late. Everyone also knows how much I do not like Lebron. That being said, he is playing some sick basketball right now. The way he closed out the Boston series was really scary to watch. Those step backs on Pierce were nasty. Their strength imo, lies in three things. Their defense, which has really been solid and under rated all year long, their ability to get out on the fast break, and DWADE and Lebron being able to attack the rim at anytime. This will definitely keep them in every game and allow them to test the Bulls more than anyone has tested them this whole year.

Now, let’s talk about the Bulls. They had a terrific regular season, but have looked a bit inconsistent in the playoffs. They have looked dominant at times, like game 6 vs the Hawks, and terrible at times, vs both the Pacers and Hawks. Their strengths are obviously DROSE, and their defense. When both are clicking, the Bulls are waxing. DROSE and the Bulls defense is going to have to step it up even more in this series if the Bulls want to prevail, and I have a feeling they will. The Bulls went 3-0 vs the Heat in the regular season, but they honestly could have been 0-3 vs them as well, as all the games came down to the wire. It’s a whole different ball game now, so now let’s take a look at some of the key points to this series. Obviously I’m biased towards the Bulls, but I really do think that the Bulls have a legit shot at winning this series, especially if you remember these things…

DROSE…Who will guard him? Bibby and Chalmers don’t have a chance, but they will probably start off guarding him, with the Heat bringing help from everywhere. Lebron? DRose showed us last year that Lebron can’t stay with him, in the Bulls Cavs series. That brings us to Wade, who I think we will be seeing a lot of on Rose. But, if they put Wade on him, this will also drain Wade on the offensive end of the game. That’s why I bring up this point of guarding DROSE, because it doesn’t seem like the Heat have that many options here. They could try throwing some zone out vs the Bulls, or trapping Derrick really high and getting the ball out of his hands. Other teams have seem to have some success with this vs us, but Derrick has gotten a lot better now at keeping his dribble and hitting Noah around the free throw line to break the trap. This will be interesting to watch all series long, but they have no answer for him!

The Bulls defense…can it hold? The Bulls have the best defense in the League, and during the regular season, they did do a good job vs this Heat team. But this is a different Heat team right now for sure. The Bulls do a great job of playing help defense, talking, and as moving as one on the defensive end. Deng will guard Lebron and Bogans/Brewer will probably take turns on DWADE. Both are amazing, but I truly do think that the Bulls TEAM Defense can contain them to where it will keep us in every ball game that we play them in.

Rebounding…The Bulls have a huge edge here. We have five solid big guys we can throw at the Heat, and I just don’t see the Heat having any answer for us on the boards. Especially on the offensive boards. That is huge because that will give us many more shot attempts than the Heat, which we obviously will need.  Also look for Joakim Noah to have a monster series. There is no one on this Heat squad that is going to be able to check him on the boards.  He is going to have a monster series, and watch his great passing to come through too!  Overall the Bulls will own the boards and this is another thing that will keep the Bulls in this series for sure.

Depth…The Bulls get the nod here too. Look for the Bench Mob to come up huge in this series, just because the Heat bench is truly that weak. This is a huge advantage for the Bulls, because the deeper the series goes, the more worn out the Heat starters will get. The Big guys we can throw at the Heat off the bench like Asik, Taj, and Kurt will definitely wear down the Heat towards the end of the series.

Coaching…Even though Coach Spo did a good job this season, you have to give the nod to the COY, Thibs. Thibs has been coaching for a very, very long time. His experience to me is huge. He has done a great job in the past with coming up with defenses that contain Lebron and Wade. Again, didn’t say stop them, but contain them.

Chemistry…The Chemistry that this Bulls team has is something special to watch.  To me, it’s like watching your college team play on TV.  They are always up cheering for each other, stepping up for each other on and off the court, and this to me is something special and something needed for a team that wants to win a Championship.  If you remember vs the Hawks, in the fourth quarter, Taj and Omer were playing great together and the Bulls were making a run.  At that time, your starting PF, and Center were on the bench.  Most guys guys would complain about this, or pout, but Noah and Boozer were the first two guys on the bench and you could see them having fun, going nuts, and cheering on their teammates who were playing great basketball.  This has been consistent all season long, but that example really stuck out to me because that truly showed just how much of a team the Bulls really are.

Home Court advantage…Bulls have it and remember that the Bulls play a lot better at home then on the road. Also, the Heat have no home court advantage, as fans show up at halftime and they have to put white tshirts on seats to make it look like people are there. I really do believe that home court will play a huge role in this series.

The X FACTOR – Who else will step up? We all know that DROSE, DWADE, and Lebron are going to put on a show, but who else is going to step up? Deng has played a great playoffs so far, but can he keep it up? Will Boozer and Bosh cross each other out? Or will one step up more than the other one in this series? Who will hit outside shots for both teams? Will Korver, Bogans, Deng be able to hit outside jumpers with consistency? Can players like Jones, Mike Miller, Bibby and other step up for the Heat when the Bulls team defense collapses on Lebron and Wade driving? This can push one team over the edge in this tight series. Remember that every classic series always has a hero that no one expected to step up. Kyle Korver is turning into that guy for the Bulls so far this playoffs, as he is hitting big shot after big shot. He is turning into the John Paxson/ Steve Kerr of our time.  Luol’s been great all year long, so I think either him or KK are going to step up big in this one, or maybe even both!

Yes the Heat have two of the best players in this series and in the NBA, but I think the fact that we have DROSE, Coach Thibs, chemistry, Bench mob, Home Court Advantage, the best defense in the game, and the rebounding edge, is why I really do think the Bulls will beat the Heat and win this series in 7 games.  I know people are going to ride on me, or make fun of my prediction, but you’ll see.  We are going to shock some people!

Look for most of the games to be defensive battles that come down to the end. In DROSE we trust, because you never want to underestimate this kid’s will to win. It is truly amazing and has been terrific to watch him and this Bulls team play all season long. We also need to remember one thing though, we all hate the Heat and want the Bulls to win this series, but no matter what happens, we need to remember that this has been an amazing season. DROSE and the Bulls deserve this, and us fans deserve this. It’s been a wonderful ride so far, please don’t let it end just yet….

By Docksquad

May 06

Derrick Rose Name Most Valuable Player! MVP MVP MVP

By Docksquad

Awesome speech, love that it came from the heart…I’m so happy for Derrick Rose today, and I’m really proud to be a Bulls fan as well. Boy did we luck out in the draft or what?!? It’s awesome to have and cheer for a player like Derrick Rose on your team. DROSE is not only a terrific basketball player, but his work ethic and humility make him an even better person off the court. I think his speech just personifies who he is on and off the court. He really does make it easy for people to like him and cheer for him. The kid truly deserves everything he gets because of how hard he works, and I still can’t get over the season he’s had. In only his third year, to become the youngest MVP of the League is truly something special. Again, I’m really happy for him and his family today.

If you know me, you know I love DROSE! I still remember the following things like it was yesterday…watching his HS highlights, going crazy at XSport when the Bulls won the lottery, being at Cactus bar with some buddies when we drafted Derrick Rose, and ramming all my friends via email,twitter,text, and facebook everyday about DROSE before he got the national pub he deserved. I knew this kid was going to be something special from the first time I saw him play, and I’m glad he has lived up to his own, and all of our expectations. I think we honestly forget sometimes just how much he has accomplished in just his third year in the NBA! The kid is 22 years old and is already the youngest MVP ever! Add that to Rookie of the Year, All Star Starter, NBA All 1st Team, and a World Champion! All by the age of 22.  And what’s crazy is how much DROSE loves the game and how hard he works at improving.  If he’s done all this by 22, what’s next???  And how scary is that for the rest of the League? And how amazing is that for us Bulls fans?!?! Here’s to many more years of watching DROSE put on a show in a Bulls jersey!

And I’ve been saying it all year long, so why not once more! DROSE FOO! MVP FOO!

P.S. Don’t fret Bulls fans, DROSE won’t let us lose this ATL series! BULLS FOO! DROSE FOO!!!!

Apr 13

Derrick makes cover of Sports Illustrated!!

Apr 11

D Rose behind the scenes @ Berto Center

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